Monday, February 12, 2007

currently underway.....
The Google Story by David A. Vise
Gaban by PremChand
The Arguementative Indian by Amartya Sen (Heck i can never complete this one!)
Snapshots from Hell

in the pipeline....
The inheritance of loss by Kiran Desai
Meri Awaaz suno by Kaifi Azam
The Winning by Jack Welch


bachodi said...

dude ..
Meri Awaaz suno by Kaifi Azam

what is it about ? and who is he ?

Siddharth said...

He is an Urdu writer. Woh nazmei likhta hai. And this is supposed to be the best book for starters in urdu cos the Urdu used here is very close to Hindi in here. Why? you interested in Urdu?