Monday, August 28, 2006

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Started:15th August
Ended:25th August
Rating:*** (on 5) Enjoyable

Another good one from the stables of Dan Brown, Dan Brown again does the trick:Cryptography,brotherhoods,Anti christianity and yes Robert Langdon with a beautiful girl.The story unfolds quite fast with clues after clues and mysteries after mysteries to solve.

The story is about a startling breaking discovery of a nuclear type weapon-only that it is much more potent than nuclear weapon-antimatter.How it is stolen from CERN( one of the premier Research institute's of Europe) and lands in the hands of a dormant brotherhood-the illuminati which are cut throat against Christianity.Thus, the antimatter finds its way into the Vatican City where the elections for the new Pope are to be held.A series of bizarre events and one by one 4 popes are killed by the brotherhood and Robert and the beauty( one of the co-founders of Anti matter!Wonder why they are always beautiful females with whom Robert gets to bond!) are on the trail to save the Preferrati(the Popes) .And in the backgroun the clock is ticking away towards the destruction of the Vatican as the antimatter is not to be found.The story is good for those who enjoy thrills and mysteries and puzzles to solve all the way.And yeah it has got quite an unexpected climax.

One thing is sure.The way in which Dan Brown presents his novels with all the scientific facts thrown in,it is for sure that Dan Brown does his homework well.It makes for an informative rading.For eg. did you know that internet was invented inEurope but markted by US as its own invention?Did you know about a brotherhood called Illuminati?These are the stuff which make up the novel a leisure reading.But yes, those who are comparing it with The Vinci Code will be disaappointed for neither is it that interesting neither the puzzles that mind boggling.But then the kind of novels he writes are unique in themselves and worth giving it a shot if not for the entertainment,for the sake of the loads of facts.

So go ahead and read it for a nice time pass.I would give it a clean 3 on 5.

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