Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lajja-By Taslima Nasrin

Rating: *** (and a half)

Started:10th August,2006

Finished:20th August,2006

Amongst the most objectionable works which got banned in Bangladesh and got Taslima,the author a fatwa issued against her, this book is more than just pure fiction.It is more of a factfile of the repercussions of Babri Masjid demolition in Bangladesh.Setting the scene with a Hindu family which lives in Bangladesh,it depicts the persecution of Bangla Hindus in the country.Quite informative with the figures,this book does show the true picture of religion based discrimination against Hindus in Bangladesh.Apart from the gruesome facts and figures and the frankness of the author in showing the true picture in a simple language,this book fails to be amongst the best of the entertainers.On a scale of 5 i would rate it at 3.5 for its informative character but 2.5 in other aspects which include delightful reading,literature etc

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bachodi said...

This book isn't a entertainer , The genre outburst.